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My Small Army of Child-Pleasers

This is as good as it gets this time.  I did this once before, for the same school event.  May Faire.  They have someone (usually a faculty member) walk around in an apron full of pockets.  Pocket Lady is what they call her.  The children pay 1 ticket for a wrapped treasure from her pockets.  The last time I did this, I also made felt flower clips and someone else made origami birds.  There was another craft that a parent made that year, but I forget what it was.  It was an unusually crafty year.  We had leftovers.  I was still seeing the felt flowers in children’s hands as recently as last year, I believe.  This year, we finally were out.  So I was summoned.  While I didn’t have time to do another full-blown assist, I did manage to get in a little polymer clay work again…

Behold!  My Small Army of Child-Pleasers:

(Click to view larger)

If you are so inclined to want to try your child’s luck for one of these lovely items, feel free to drop by May Faire this Saturday between 1pm and 6pm.  It’s open to the public and a lot of fun.  Games, pony rides (not sure what time those are running – usually early though), food, May Pole dance demonstration by some of the classes, and a puppet show.  Cross your fingers for no rain too, please.  It’s free, except for some things, like the pony rides and cake walk, which cost tickets.

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  1. Catherine M. Howard says:

    Your army of child pleasers is absolutely amazing. I love them. Good work. You have probably had this up for a long time, I’m not very good at looking in on you.


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