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1st Class: Basic Stone Setting

Today’s class was an easy confirmation for me on why I came out here.  It was pretty intensive, but I learned a LOT about stone setting that hadn’t even been touched on in the classes I’ve taken prior to today.  Of course there’s now a growing list of tools I want to purchase as well.  I have some allowance to work with for that, however, and I will need to choose wisely.  I already ordered (to be waiting for me tomorrow when I arrive) a pair of magnification glasses with attached optics, as I forgot my glasses at home and had to borrow someone else’s (thank you Sharon!) backup pair to be able to see what I was doing.  The ones I’ve ordered will be awesome, however, and I will be glad to have them for the rest of the week.

The projects we did in class are pictured above, via some quick-and-dirty photography on the hotel nightstand.  They all need a little spit and polish when I get home, and the ones that looked like they are encased in plaster will need to be removed from the cool putty-like plaster as well.  There’s supposed to be two of the green round one – they are earrings – but it seems I managed to leave one behind at the class.  I am hoping it will still be retrievable when I go back tomorrow.  The other, in the white casing, is a pendant.  The pieces themselves were precast and ready for the stones, since setting the stones was the object of the class, but we were also taught a little bit of pretty texturing that you can see on the center purple ring at the bottom.  while my settings aren’t necessarily “perfect” in these pieces, I definitely improved in my technique through the course of the class and feel a lot more confident in my abilities to handle setting stones.  I had done some bezel setting in the classes I’d taken before but we hadn’t really handled anything about the pronged settings at all before I’d had to stop taking classes.

Okay, time to head off and snag some dinner and then decide if I’m going to spend the rest of my evening swimming in the pool, perusing the catalog from Rio, or trying to finish the book I brought to read.  Perhaps I’ll slip in a combination of those before I crash.

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